We support Plan International Deutschland e.V. and World Vision Deutschland e.V.

Together for a better future for our children

Ensuring that our guests are satisfied is our mission. People who are in need of help, our duty. First and foremost, our thoughts are with children who have to grow up under difficult living conditions in their country. In Europe, our children live in a warm home, drink clean water, enjoy good nutrition and can go to school. Not all children in this world have these privileges. Especially in Asia, Africa, but also Latin America, the living conditions of the people cannot be compared with ours.

That is why Plan International Deutschland e.V. is committed to sustainable and child-oriented self-help projects that are specifically designed to permanently strengthen the entire living environment of children. Among other things, they support girls in exercising their rights to education, health and physical integrity.

As a Christian aid organization, World Vision Deutschland e.V. has also been committed to the self-help of children, families and their environment for more than 70 years, in order to make a life with less poverty and more justice possible.

For these reasons, we are long-time supporters of these campaigns and support them financially, with the goal of making the lives of these children more worthwhile.