Discover Bremen inside out

Tourist attractions inside and outside Bremen

Are you traveling to Bremen and looking forward to tips on local favorites from true Bremen residents? Apart from the classics like the Bremen Town Musicians, there is much more to discover! For your convenience, we have compiled a variety of beautiful tourist attractions inside and outside of Bremen.

Here you will find a selection
of our favorite places within Bremen

Bremer Stadtmusikanten

The immortalized heroes of a fairy tale known all over the world – the Bremen Town Musicians – are located very close to the Old Town Hall and have attracted many visitors to the Hanseatic city of Bremen since 1953.

Rhododendronpark with Botanika

One of Germany’s most remarkable parks is located in Bremen. The 46 hectare area features many of the most beautiful and largest rhododendron plants in the world. This collection is completed in the associated Botanika greenhouse.

Nachtwächter Rundgang

If you want to venture into Bremen’s dark past, we highly recommend a tour with a night watchman. There you can listen to the exciting stories and see many areas of Bremen’s old town.

Here you will find a selection
of our favorite places outside of Bremen

Deutsches Auswandererhaus

The Emigration House in Bremerhaven offers you a journey through the history of emigration and immigration. There you can learn about different life stories and collection items and discover the unique exhibition spaces.

Künstlerdorf Worpswede

Worpswede is home to an artists’ colony, which is a working and living community in the municipality. From museums and events to guided tours, you will find everything a cultured heart desires.

Vogelpark Walsrode

The world’s largest bird park is located less than an hour from Bremen. The 24-hectare area is home to about 4000 birds of 650 species. This makes the park one of the world’s most species-rich zoos. Definitely a visit worth making for both young and old.